FeLynn’s Restaurant, established in January 2011, is a family owned and operated business. Our families come from different provinces of the Philippines and bring a variety of delightful dishes and desserts from all over the Philippines. As a traditional Filipino family, we treat and welcome everyone in our establishment like family. Felynn’s is your home away from home.



FeLynn’s Restaurant is named after Fe Postrero and her daughter Ferrielyn Santos. Fe managed multiple franchise businesses before owning her own restaurant. Lynn was a successful real estate agent before joining the restaurant. Fe and Lynn, through their love for entertaining and years of cooking have mastered beloved Philippine recipes which makes eating at Felynn’s a savory experience. This mother and daughter combo, is a proven team whose grace, strong established work ethics and years of experience will ensure outstanding, professional service.


Our Commitment

We take pride and honor in serving our customers by providing them a traditional Filipino cuisine that’s cooked daily from scratch. We strive to incorporate our values and traditions to our employees. Our employees are expected to treat our customers with respect and gratitude and give them a traditional Filipino dining experience.